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September 23, 2011 I was involved in a physically devastating incident that resulted in severe head, neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Regular appts with Dr. Phillips has been most beneficial. With Dr. Phillips, you are in great hands as well as with the entire staff at Hudson Chiropractic. This is the one Doctor's appt I ALWAYS look foward to!

Brenda Hudson, FL

My wife and I have been treated at Hudson Chiropractic for 8 years or more. We have found Dr. Phillips to be an exceptional doctor. His level of ability surpasses most of the previous Chiropractors we have delt with. It is a fact that with a serious disc problem, I would be far worse off without the very competent care received from "Doc" at Hudson Chiropractic.

Mike Hudson, FL

My experience here has been benficial to my medical recover. Staff and Doctor are caring and very professional.

Diego Tampa,FL

We highly recommend Hudson Chiropractic. Dr. Phillips has helped us through some difficult back problems and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Phyllis and Carolyn Hudson, FL

Ybor Chiropractic has helped me heal from injuries faster, safer, and with more knowledge about how to holistically keep my body in shape and feeling great. The entire staff are friendly and flexible, you can tell they care about their patients and love their jobs!

Sheila Tampa, FL

Since I've been coming to Dr. Phillips my body has been transformed into a pain free body. My lower back has improved 90% and my neck is able to move better than it has in a long time.

Hiram Tampa, FL

I came to Dr. Phillips due to a neck injury as a result of an auto accident. Dr. Phillips completed adjusting my body, and immediately I felt relief of pain in my lower hips which were normally sore. When I returned 2 days later I advised him of the fixing of my lower body that I had not addressed. I have since felt so much better with my neck injury and head as a result of the chiropractic treatments; both adjustments and massages. I will forever be a person that believesin the positive outcome of chiropracitc treatments. I've learned a lot about the make up of the body. THANK YOU DR. PHILLIPS AND STAFF FOR EVERYTHING!

Cynthia Tampa, FL

We heard about Ybor Chiropractic from my inlaws. Our son has severe allergies and asthma. Since we started coming Sean's asthma and allergies has been under control! Which means less meds and no steroids! WE love the Dr. and the Staff is great! We will continue to come and have recommended others to come as well.

D.Anderson Tampa, FL

I am 65 and have been through a number of mishap from auto accidents where i have broken the windshield with my head, a fall at work where a ladder slid out from under me and tore tendons in my knee, bad fall landing on icy steps while carrying boxes of equipment , and finally tore my back lifting heavy machines. I have spent most my life working as a telephone man, climbing poles, carrying and working off ladders, pulling cables and wires. Yes I am still walking and able to get around. However, without the help of chiropractic for the last 45 years I wouldn't have been able to began accomplishing most of this. I truly believe that a person who is having headaches, back, knees, feet, hands, legs, arms, shoulder problems should see a Chiropractor before going to hospital. I have experienced many of these issues in my life and in 99% of these my pain was taken care of in a matter of a visit or two. Futhermore, if you are seeing a doctor on issues like these and cannot get any relief then try a chiropractor.

Den T. Hudson, FL

Dr. Phillips & Staff are so friendly and helpful. His medical care is the reason I can continue to be active and pain free. Playing an agressive sport like roller derby, I need someone who can understand my injury needs.

Kim St. Pete, FL

I want to say I always get the best customer service. I love the thumper and the foot massager. Whenever I need to adjust my schedule, Alice is able to accomidate me. I love how I feel pampered when I come for my treatments. This is the best chiropractic office I've ever been to. My boss just had a car accident yesterday and I'm referring him to the Ybor office. Thank you Ybor Chiropractic for taking care of me and making mer feel special. Also, I never have to wait, which is a plus.

Michal Tampa, FL

I want to introduce you to 10 year old Mandy Birren. She has been a regular patient of Dr. Phillips since she was 10 months old. Having regular adjustments has kept Mandy in great physical condition. She is now a competitive gymnast at Top Contenders in Brooksville, Fl where she is moving quickly up through the levels. In her first season she has already done amazing, achieving more skills , at a higher pace then her coaches ever expected. At her very first state meet she achieved a score of 9.700 and won the state floor event at Elite level. The higher level of flexibility in her back and shoulders has been well cared for by Dr. Phillips through the years! The coaching staff at Top Contenders have high hopes for Mandy and her Gymnastics future. As her mom I am grateful to Dr. Phillips and his staff for always taking such great care of Mandy and the other members of my Family.